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Forestry Survey

Would you like to contribute to the Needs Assessment and Engagement Survey - Assessing needs and opportunities for promoting forest positive agriculture and sustainable food systems? Participate before the deadline of October 5, 2023.

The Forests and Food Systems (FFS) Coalition is undertaking a survey to identify gaps and needs of selected stakeholders to decouple agricultural supply chains from deforestation as well as key steps and actions the Coalition could take in 2024-2025/onwards to fine tune its support to public and private stakeholders working in forestry, agriculture, and trade, on this endeavor.

UNFSS+2 Science Leadership Dialogue

UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment gave recognition to the importance of using science, technology and innovation approaches as evidence-based guides to shape national and sub-national food systems transformation.

COP28-Food Systems Hub

A new strategic partnership will elevate the role of food systems as one of the most impactful accelerators of the SDGs and a critical area for Climate Action. 


UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment wraps up with a Call to Action for Accelerated Food Systems Transformation.

Upcoming Events

The UN Food Systems Coordination Hub facilitates and participates in a number of multilateral dialogues, conferences and events, covering a wide range of food systems-related topics. We bring together decision-makers, experts, stakeholders and other partners to discuss the most pressing issues related to food systems so that together, we can drive global progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Systems Thinking

Virtual Event

Food Systems Solutions Webinar: Applying Systems Thinking for Food Systems Transformation

Explore how systems thinking can unlock the potential of food systems as a catalyst for sustainable development.


Synthesis Report of the Regional Preparatory Meetings for the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment

In preparation for the UNFSS+2, the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, in collaboration with the UN Regional Commissions and other regional partners,...

Compendium of Food Systems Coalitions

A compendium of key information on the coalitions that emerged from the Food Systems Summit.

Food Systems Coalitions FAQs

Information on the structure and purpose of food systems coalitions, how they operate and how they are supporting food systems transformation.

Hub Biennial Work Plan

The Biennial Work Plan provides strategic direction for the Hub, setting out the proposed activities, deliverables, and result matrix of the Hub’s six...

Hub Overview Presentation

High-level overview of the Hub and our work plan.

Country Needs Survey Analysis

This report presents the results of the Country Needs Survey conducted by the Hub in February 2022 to allow national governments to express their priority...

Hub Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to frequently asked questions about the Hub and how we are working with countries to transform food systems.

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