Our vision is to stimulate and support action for SDGs-based food systems transformations towards the acceleration of the 2030 Agenda.



Our mission is to serve countries through systemic, country-driven, customized support in translating their commitments into effective actions to reach sustainable food systems by 2030, leveraging the wider UN system’s capacities.

To achieve this, the Hub acts as a catalyst and connector inside the UN system in relation to food systems transformations’ contribution to the 2030 Agenda. To accelerate food systems transformations, the Hub takes on an essential coordination role to bring together relevant UN agencies, coalitions, international financial institutions, the private sector and other actors of support to galvanize food systems knowledge and expertise in support of countries’ action. 



2024-2026 Biennial Work Plan

Read our 2024-2026 Biennial Work Plan to learn more about how the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub is working with countries to transform their food systems.


Our History – The 2021 UN Food Systems Summit

The catalytic role of sustainable food systems to achieve the SDGs is not to be overlooked, but to be urgently harnessed. These systems hold tremendous potential to leverage SDG action in three of its pillars through the following entry points:

People — “Nourishing everyone for health and wellbeing”

Planet — “Producing in harmony with nature”

Prosperity — “Inclusive, transformative and equitable recovery for the 2030 Agenda”

This triple thrust to deliver on the 2030 Agenda was the primal mission of the Food Systems Summit in 2021, which put the food systems transformations on the centre stage and built momentum to stimulate ambitious, SDG-relevant action to transform food systems by 2030.

In the face of many challenges afflicting the world, the UN convened tens of thousands of people from the local to the global level in the Food Systems Summit journey. Through their leadership, they made it a “People’s Summit”; with their proposals for action, they made it a “Solution’s Summit” to make the transformative effects of food systems a driver for the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

Throughout this process, governments and stakeholders found new ways to work together, breathing new momentum into the diverse and rich ecosystem within the multilateral arena. With the ambition to carry this historical momentum forward, the UN Secretary-General has committed the UN system to establish a UN Food Systems Coordination Hub (“the Hub”) to support countries implementing food system transformation pathways towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. Read the Secretary-General’s Chair Summary and Statement of Action on the UN Food Systems Summit.