Following the Hub’s 2022-2023 Biennial Work Plan, the new Work Plan of 2024-2026 reaffirms the mission of the Hub to focus on serving countries through coordinating and facilitating the provision of systemic, demand-driven, customized support in translating their commitments into effective actions to reach sustainable food systems by 2030.


In preparation for the UNFSS+2, the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, in collaboration with the UN Regional Commissions and other regional partners, organized a series of five regional preparatory meetings. These meetings served as a platform for the sharing of experiences, good practices, and lessons learned in follow up to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit and to invited to identify priority actions and key messages for the region, which are synthesized in this short technical report.


Information on the structure and purpose of food systems coalitions, how they operate and how they are supporting food systems transformation.


Responses to frequently asked questions about the Hub and how we are working with countries to transform food systems.


High-level overview of the Hub and our work plan.


The Biennial Work Plan provides strategic direction for the Hub, setting out the proposed activities, deliverables, and result matrix of the Hub’s six key functions as well as the modalities to operationalize it.


This report presents the results of the Country Needs Survey conducted by the Hub in February 2022 to allow national governments to express their priority needs and expectations for support.


A compendium of key information on the coalitions that emerged from the Food Systems Summit.