Food Systems for the People

Tuesday, 25th July, 09:30-11:00



This session ‘Transforming Food Systems for People’s Nutrition and Health’ offers a platform to dialogue on country-led food system actions to deliver nutrition and health for all people. Thought leaders will make the case for a rights-based approach to transforming food systems, while government representatives and non-State actors will share their experiences implementing policies and programmes to improve the availability and affordability of healthy foods and healthier food environments. It aims to secure renewed commitments from food system actors to transform food systems for better nutrition and health of all people, everywhere. 


Globalization, poverty, inequities, climate and humanitarian crises compromise the realization of SDGs including SDG2, especially for the youngest, poorest, and most marginalized. A key driver is a failing food system characterized by poor access to nutritious, safe, and affordable food, with increased marketing and consumption of cheap, unhealthy, highly processed foods/beverages. Currently: 

  • 2.4 billion food insecure people;
  • 478 million children living in food poverty;
  • > 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet;
  • 145 million U5 children suffer from stunting;
  • 136 million children (5-9 yrs) live with overweight/obesity as do 670 million adults.

The session will focus on the following questions:

  • What policy actions have the potential to transform food systems for better health of people and planet?
  • What policy changes are needed to ensure access to healthy diets for vulnerable groups and  how can social protection systems be leveraged?
  • What are the opportunities/challenges aligning food systems transformation and health/nutrition agendas?
  • What are the most urgent actions needed to ensure implementation of food system transformation leads to improved food security, better nutrition and health in your country?
  • What are the trade-offs when transforming food systems with people in the centre.



Dr Francesco Branca
Mr. Francesco Branca

Director in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, WHO 

Dr Li Ailan
Ms. Li Ailan

Assistant Director-General, Universal Health Coverage, Healthier Populations, WHO 

Prof Patrick Webb
Mr. Patrick Webb

Technical advisor, GoPan 

Abigail Perry
Ms. Abigail Perry

Director of Nutrition, WFP 

Mr Máximo Torero Cullen
Mr. Máximo Torero Cullen

Chief Economist at FAO

Greg Garrett
Mr. Greg Garrett

Executive Director, Access to Nutrition Initiative 

Anna Scavuzzo
Ms. Anna Scavuzzo

Deputy Mayor, Milan, Italy 

Karima Ahmed Al-Hada'a
Ms. Karima Ahmed Al-Hada'a

Yemen Shadow National Convener, planning and Liason Specialist at Scaling-Up Nutrition Secreterit, Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation, Yemen and Global SUN Movement Executive Committee Member

Dr. Victor Aguayo
Mr. Victor Aguayo

Director, Nutrition and Child Development, UNICEF

Dr. Patrick Amoth
Mr. Patrick Amoth

Director General of Health, Ministry of Health, Kenya 

H.E Vatimi TTK Rayalu
H.E. Mr. Vatimi Rayalu

Minister of Agriculture and Waterways, Fiji

Dr. Simo Barquera
Mr. Simón Barquera

Director of the Nutrition and Health Research Center, Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP)

H.E. Ms. Anne Beathe Tvinnereim

Minister of International Development, Norway

Lilian dos Santos Rahal
Ms. Lilian dos Santos Rahal

National Secretary for Food and Nutrition Security, Ministry of Development, Social Assistance, Family and Fight against Hunger, Brazil

Interventions from the floor: 

  • Youth representative from ProVeg International