Science, Technology and Innovation

Tuesday, 25th July, 16:00-17:30



Science, technology, and innovation are powerful accelerators of food systems transformation. In this Leadership Dialogue, panelists will aim to: 1) Support countries to advance strategic decision-making by better framing transformative action in food systems while enhancing food systems governance; 2) Propose options for improving equity and fairness in global decision-making in food systems, as well as approaches that are more networked, more inclusive, and, above all, more effective based on the perspective of science, technology, and innovation. 3) Share information on the role of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) with multiple stakeholders to inform the next two years of the SAC´s work plan. In sum, speakers will stress the linkages between actors and the dynamic of exchanges that characterize current food systems, calling for greater flexibility and new types of knowledge to approach solutions systemically. 

Bold action to make food systems more efficient, inclusive, resilient, sustainable, and healthier is an effective way to avoid future crises. This is especially important as climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution are increasing risks for the future of food. And yet policy recommendations on food systems must not disconnect from politics, culture, and values. Thus, The session will go beyond technical questions to highlight the value of traditional knowledge and social innovation. Speakers will tap into the urgent need to operationalize systems thinking and incorporate knowledge-based decision-making into food systems policies.

The session will focus on the following questions:

  • How are National Pathways using science, technology, and innovation to drive transformation?
  • How do science, technology, and innovation enable food systems transformations at the multilateral level?
  • How to cooperate with the SAC, and what are the main initiatives that can be mobilized in the context of the UNFSS+2 to scale means of implementation for food systems transformation?

Through examples in multiple areas (i.e., agrifood, health, finance, social innovation), the session demonstrates the urgency to invest in SDG-related research to build capacity in all regions while empowering actors beyond academia, notably Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. It calls for the scaling up of science-policy-society interfaces to advance research and development; countries can unlock valuable partnerships to achieve the SDGs. The Dialogue bridges gaps between multiple actors and disciplines to encourage, among other topics, systemic risk assessments and implementation science while considering science and innovation in broad terms. 



Dr. Shakuntala Thilsted
Ms. Shakuntala Thilsted

Director, Nutrition, Health and Food Security Impact Area Platform, CGIAR, SAC Chair

Dr. Qu Dongyu
Mr. Qu Dongyu

Director-General of FAO

H.E. Anna Maria Bernini
H.E. Ms. Anna Maria Bernini

Italian Minister of University and Research

H.E. Mariam Almheiri
H.E. Ms. Mariam Almheiri

Minister of Climate Change and Environment, United Arab Emirates

H.E. Jennifer Lester Moffitt
Ms. Jennifer Lester Moffitt

Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, USDA

Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
H.E. Ms. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

First Female President of the Republic of Mauritius

Prof Barbara Burlingame
Ms. Barbara Burlingame

Professor, Public Health Nutrition and Food Systems at Massey University; SAC Co-Chair

Dr Hilal Elver
Ms. Hilal Elver

Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies, University of California; USA Former UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food; SAC Co-chair

Prof Jean-Francois Soussana
Mr. Jean-Francois Soussana

Vice President for International, National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE); SAC Co-chair

Dr Shenggen Fan
Mr Shenggen Fan

Dean of Academy of Global Food Economics and Policy (AGFEP); Chair Professor of China Agricultural University (CAU); Former Director General of IFPRI; SAC Co-Chair

Dr. Ibrahima Hathie
Mr. Ibrahima Hathie

UN Global Sustainable Development Report Group

Dr. Ismahane Elouafi
Ms. Ismahane Elouafi

Chief Scientist at FAO

Interventions from the floor:

  • SAC Member
  • SAC Member
  • Speaker from the floor
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  • SAC Member
  • SAC Member
  • Speaker from the floor
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