Introducing the Food Systems Solutions Dialogues 2024

FSS Dialogues

The United Nations Food Systems Coordination Hub is pleased to release the thematic plan for the 2024 Food Systems Solutions Dialogues, marking another significant step in our collective journey to revolutionize food systems worldwide. Since their inception in April 2022, the Food Systems Solutions Dialogues have been instrumental in addressing a diverse range of topics essential for transforming food systems, supporting knowledge exchange and collaborative action among National Convenor networks.


A platform for collaboration and innovation

Aligned with the UN Secretary-General’s Call to Action, the 2024 Food Systems Solutions Dialogues aim to translate insights and commitments generated from the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment (UNFSS+2) into concrete actions that drive sustainable, equitable, and resilient food systems. "These Dialogues are an important way that we connect with our National Convenors to learn about their experiences implementing their national pathways, the challenges and opportunities they face, and how the Hub and wider ecosystem of support can effectively support them," stated Stefanos Fotiou, Director of the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub.


Themes and objectives

The 2024 Dialogues will focus on six key themes in line with the six action areas outlined in the Secretary General's Call to Action.

  1. Elevating Private Sector Accountability within Food Systems Transformation
  2. Food Systems Governance
  3. Financing Food Systems Transformation to Achieve the SDGs
  4. Enhancing an Inclusive Participatory Design to Transform Food Systems
  5. Catalyzing Climate Action for Transformative Food Systems
  6. Incorporating Food Systems Strategies into National Policies

For more information on each theme, refer to the Food Systems Solutions Dialogue 2024.


Looking Ahead

The 2024 Food Systems Solutions Dialogues represent a pivotal opportunity to support the move from dialogue into action, reshaping global food systems for the better. Participation is by invitation only, primarily intended for National Convenors, government participants, UN Country Teams, and select actors of support. Summaries of the Dialogues can be publicly accessed here following each Dialogue. The official schedule of Dialogues will be released shortly.


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