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2023 Stocktaking Moment

The UN Secretary-General has committed in his Chair Summary and Statement of Action on the UN Food Systems Summit to convene “a global stocktaking meeting every two years to review progress in implementing the outcomes of this process and its contributions to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. This will be supported by the RBAs, the broader UN System and partners.”

The 2023 UN Food Systems Stocktaking Moment will build on the momentum of the 2021 Food Systems Summit and will create a conducive space for countries to review commitments to action that were made during the Summit, share stories of success and early signs of transformation, maintain the momentum for bold acceleration and bold action to further the resilience of food systems, advocate for their adaptation to climate change, ensure they contribute to communities’ resilience to further shocks and crises, and boost the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Stocktaking Moment will take place in Rome, Italy from 24 – 26 July 2023, at the premises of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It will be hosted by Italy, in collaboration with the Rome-based UN Agencies (FAO, IFAD, WFP), the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub and the wider UN system.

For more information, read Note to Correspondents: Stage set in Italy to take stock on progress towards the transformation of food systems across world at critical half-way point of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.


Updates on the 2023 United Nations Food Systems Stocktaking Moment

The Executive Office of the Secretary-General has distributed an Information Note to all Permanent Representatives of Member States and Permanent Observers to the United Nations in New York.  The Information Note provides an update on the main aspects of the 2023 United Nations Food Systems Stocktaking Moment. You can download the information note here.


Template for Voluntary Progress Report on Food Systems Transformation in Countries

As per several requests from countries, the Hub has developed a template that can be used on a voluntary basis by countries in order to systematize their preparations for the 1st Food Systems Stocktaking Moment.  This template seeks to serve a voluntary effort and does not imply any mandatory reporting request in relation to the Stocktaking Moment.

Please note that this template should be used by countries to present their overall journey on implementing food systems transformation. An additional template for countries that would like to present stories /good practices of food systems transformation is also available.

This template is designed to facilitate submission of inputs by national governments. The Hub encourages the National Food Systems Convenors (or other food systems focal points in the absence of a Convenor), to submit one document per country that summarizes inputs from all Government Agencies, other public institutions as well as stakeholders and other food systems actors.

The Hub would appreciate to receive the submissions by Friday 5 May 2023.

Download the template here.


Template for Stories / Good Practices on Food Systems Transformation

Several Countries, UN Agencies, Coalitions, Stakeholders and other actors of the Food Systems Ecosystem of Support have achieved important milestones on food systems transformation. To document these milestones and successes, the Hub will compile a compendium of best practices on food systems transformation. The template is designed to be used by any type of public or private entity (government, academic institutions, coalitions, UN Agencies, international organizations, stakeholder organizations, civil society, etc.)  that can share a concrete best practice on food systems transformation. Each entity can submit multiple best practices.

The Hub would appreciate to receive the submissions by Friday 5 May 2023.

Download the template here.


To energize participation in the Stocktaking Moment all countries are invited to hold inclusive national consultations to take stock of the multi-sectorial and multi-stakeholder efforts and concrete action taken to implement their food systems pathways and/or relevant transformations/changes. In countries with a UN presence, the support of the Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams will be essential in organizing these dialogues within the limited time available before the STM. The UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, in partnership with the UN Regional Commissions and other regional partners will organize a series of five one-day regional preparatory meetings, in the margins of the Regional Fora on Sustainable Development (RFSDs) as per the table below. 

Regional Preparatory Meeting

On the sidelines of the RFSDs of the UN Regional Commissions


Dates and Location

(In parenthesis the dates of the RFSDs)


UN Economic Commission for Africa 

27 February 2023 (27 Feb-2 March)
Niamey, Niger

Concept Note: English
Agenda: English
Key Messages: English

UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

13 March 2023 (14-16 March)
Beirut, Lebanon

Concept Note:  العربية | English
Agenda:  العربية English
Key Messages: English


28 March 2023 (29-30 March 2023)
Geneva, Switzerland

Concept Note: English
Agenda: English



30 March 2023 (27-30 March)
Bangkok, Thailand

Concept Note: English
Agenda: English

UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 

25 April 2023  (25-28 April)
Santiago, Chile

Concept Note: English | Español


These meeting will be organized as senior technical-level workshops and will serve as a platform for the sharing of experiences, good practices, and lessons learned in national efforts to follow-up to the Summit. Invitations for these meetings will be dispatched by the Hub and will be addressed to national convenors and other actors. In case of countries without national convenors the UN Resident Coordinator will work with the Governments to identify participants in the regional meetings. If other country representatives wish to participate in the meetings please register to the RFSDs and/or contact the Hub. A generic concept note for these meetings can be accessed here.