Forestry Survey

Would you like to contribute to the Needs Assessment and Engagement Survey - Assessing needs and opportunities for promoting forest positive agriculture and sustainable food systems? Participate before the deadline of October 5, 2023.

The Forests and Food Systems (FFS) Coalition is undertaking a survey to identify gaps and needs of selected stakeholders to decouple agricultural supply chains from deforestation as well as key steps and actions the Coalition could take in 2024-2025/onwards to fine tune its support to public and private stakeholders working in forestry, agriculture, and trade, on this endeavor.

UNFSS+2 Science Leadership Dialogue

UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment gave recognition to the importance of using science, technology and innovation approaches as evidence-based guides to shape national and sub-national food systems transformation.

COP28-Food Systems Hub

A new strategic partnership will elevate the role of food systems as one of the most impactful accelerators of the SDGs and a critical area for Climate Action. 


UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment wraps up with a Call to Action for Accelerated Food Systems Transformation.


To accelerate food systems transformation as a key driver to achieve the 2030 Agenda, the UN Secretary-General issued a Call to Action at the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment. View the Call to Action.

The official Report of the UN Secretary-General: "Progress on food systems transformation since the UN Food Systems Summit 2021" is now available. This report presents a valuable resource for understanding the ongoing efforts and opportunities for further improvement in achieving sustainable, equitable and resilient food systems worldwide.

Projections show that by 2030, approximately 600 million people will be chronically undernourished, posing significant challenges to achieve zero hunger.

UN Secretary-General
The UN Secretary-General will open the first UN Food Systems Summit Stocktaking Moment on 24 July 2023 in Rome, Italy
Guidance on Ministerial level interventions
New Guidance Note available for Ministers that are interested in delivering interventions from the floor during the UNFSS+2 Stocktaking Moment Plenary Sessions.
Stakeholders' Contribution Document

The advanced unedited version of the Stakeholders “Shadow Report to the UNFSS+2” is now available. Learn what the Food Systems Stakeholders have done to support the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) follow-up, where they see signs of progress, as well as their expectations from the UNFSS+2.


We are pleased to announce that the deadline for registration of National Delegations to the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment has been extended, to Friday, 14 July. We invite UN Member States to submit their registration via the FAO Members Gateway as soon as possible.


Funding agreement signed to empower emerging leaders in developing countries to help transform food systems for a sustainable future.

A high-level panel of health experts explores the opportunity of food systems transformation for the health of people and the planet during the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub's Webinar Series. 

The UN Food Systems Coordination Hub has released a Synthesis Report on the regional preparatory meetings held in advance of the UN Food Systems Summit+2 Stocktaking Moment, in partnership with the UN Regional Commissions, regional stakeholders and the wider UN system. This report encapsulates the outcomes and recommendations from the series of five regional meetings. These insights have been instrumental in guiding the development of the UNFSS+2 programme and roadmap. This report represents a key input for the upcoming evidence -based discussion on global efforts, successes, challenges and paths to transform our food systems.


The Indonesian Academy of Food and Nutrition – Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPG - AIPI) has developed and shared six comprehensive policy briefs, addressing critical issues in the country's and global food and nutrition systems. These briefs provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving various aspects of the archipelagic country’s unique food and nutrition landscape.

FAO/Alessandra Benedetti

Registration is now open for the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment. We invite UN Member States to submit the registration of National Delegations via the FAO Members Gateway as soon as possible. We also invite all food systems actors worldwide to register for the virtual campus of the UNFSS+2 to join this historic event to create lasting change to transform our food systems. 


In its inaugural meeting, the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub's Scientific Advisory Committee discusses science-driven solutions for transforming food systems.

The UN Food Systems Coordination Hub is pleased to invite applications for exhibition booths during the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment (24-26 July 2023), taking place in FAO Headquarters, Rome.
The Hub's first Food Systems Solutions Webinar on 11 May 2023 provided insights into how countries and international organizations can ensure that food labels and standards contribute to sustainable food systems.
National Convenors gather in Hanoi, Vietnam for transformative food systems dialogue - read the full summary of the session.